2018 Provincial Election

This page will continue to be updated as new information and resources become available.

Coming soon:
Where do the parties stand on housing & homelessness issues?
Which party is the best choice for addressing homelessness and solving our affordable housing crisis?

ONPHA Provincial Election Resource Hub 

The Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association has a one-stop hub for tools, resources and information you need to advocate effectively, engage with your MPPs/Candidates and help spread the message that affordable housing is Ontario’s best investment.

The website includes:

Affordable Housing Election Fact Sheet

…from Social Planing Toronto, Apathy is Boring, and Democratic Engagement Exchange.

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ISAC Election Kit

The “Make Poverty An Election Issue” election kit from the Income Security Advocacy Centre. Your guide to centring poverty in the June 2018 provincial election.screen-shot-2018-05-13-at-7-10-52-pm-e1526253233432.png

ACORN 2018 Provincial Election Platform

ACORN is asking candidates for Housing Justice, specifically:

  • Vacancy decontrol for full rent control.
  • Require that successor landlords comply with Landlord Tenant Board orders placed on predecessor landlords.
  • End Above Guideline rent increases that circumvent rent control laws in Ontario.

Accessibility Questions for Candidates:

  • There is a huge need for deeply affordable ACCESSIBLE housing. What will be your strategy for meeting that need?
  • There are increasing numbers of people of all ages with disabilities. Will you support changing the Ontario Building Code to make it mandatory that all new rental and condo housing be built using universal design (that is, fully accessible)?

Petition for Candidates:

Sign the petition asking candidates to commit to raising social assistance rates and putting an end to the current homelessness epidemic. Homelessness will only be resolved once people can afford a place to call home!